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Leadership Services

 I help individuals activate their qualities, gain clarity, develop their leadership skills  and strengthen workplace culture by coaching, engaging & developing employees.



I offer one-on-one coaching that allows you to focus and work on your goals, challenges and learning opportunities. As a coach, I will be your thought partner and through powerful questions and guidance help you gain clarity, and build the mindset and skills necessary to achieve your goals.

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I create and deliver customized leadership training programs that focus on strengthening participant's leadership skills to become more effective, confident, empathetic and inspiring examples for others. Specific focus areas include communication and interpersonal skills, team building and collaboration, strategic thinking and planning, emotional intelligence and self-awareness, delegation and coaching.



I partner with organizations to help improve employee engagement and experience by  identifying areas where engagement is low, developing and implementing strategies to address those issues, and measuring the impact of those efforts. Services may include employee surveys, focus groups, and one-on-one consultations with managers and employees.

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